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Friday, June 15, 2007

Apology To Israel In Order

THE MIDDLE EAST IS BURNING and Israel is not involved. In a perfect world, the United Nations General Assembly would be meeting to issue an international apology to Israel for years of accusations that they are the key instability factor in the area.

Count the conflicts presently raging: Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, Iraq (Sunni vs Shi’ite), Afghanistan, Turkey (recent bombings). Then there are the potential hot-spots: Iran, the Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan and Kashmir. None of those are presently influenced by any Israeli action.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon surely evacuated Gaza to show the world the character of a people who have trained their children to hate, kill, and be martyrs for generations. Those children have matured and their training is flowering. Their rage is shocking the world as we see the images in Gaza right now. Had Sharon still been in office, I’m sure he would use Hamas and Fatah as an example that it is dangerous to make any more concessions, specifically, giving the Golan Heights to the Syrians.

Undoubtedly, the new State of Hamastan under Ismail Haniyeh will be short-lived. Rather than a state, Hamastan is a terror nest without the infrastructure needed to take their place among the nations. Having already been infiltrated by Hezbollah fighters arriving unnoticed under the smoke screen of Gaza’s constant chaos, Hezbollah will become the parasitic entity in Gaza as they have been in Lebanon. Hezbollah is not interested in Palestine and never has been. Syria and Iran count on Hezbollah to rake as much land and as many Arabs into a future Islamic State as they can, by any means possible.

The following phase of an international Islamic Empire will involve the presently quiet but worried nations of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt. Saudi Arabia’s militant Wahabis have plans for the Saudi Empire, and it is not more palaces – it is an Islamic State under Sharia Law. Jordan signed a peace agreement with Israel which places them in the camp of the infidel. The Palestinian population in Jordan have been a quiet undercurrent since September of 1970 when Arafat declared Palestinian Statehood there. Black September ensued and a terror group was born that took the lives of 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics. Egypt was the crucible in which the Muslim Brotherhood was forged in 1928. The Brotherhood is not getting weaker. The writings of its founders are still holy writ to radicals within the movement.

Pan-Arabism (the concept of a united Arab Empire under one leader), has given way to Pan-Islamism. It is no longer just Arabs, but all Muslims. The matrix of the movement was Iran in 1979 when spiritual leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini launched the Islamic Revolution. The movement galvanized militant Islam against all opposition, including Muslims that are not militant enough.

Herein lies the problem. The lack of a strong leadership who can judge which brand of Islam is the true and pure Islam makes every small faction the law unto themselves. If somehow all opposition could be removed from a worldwide Islamic Empire, it would not stop what we see daily in the news. Killing, terror attacks, and martyrdom would continue as in Iraq as rival Islamic factions would tear at each other. Where will it end?

Clear thinking is not only refreshing, it is redeeming. Winston Churchill was a clear thinker. Churchill always felt that because he failed at his mission, he was placed in the office as Prime Minister. He warned his government time and again about Nazism but his solutions were considered radical. Negotiations with liars was the downfall of Neville Chamberlain who imagined that he had forged “Peace in our Time” with Hitler.

A Churchill approach to radical Islam is to make it illegal. Today in Germany, Nazi demonstrations are illegal. Such activity will land you in jail. Even denying the Holocaust will land you in jail. Can we gather enough wits about us to begin to pass laws against radical Islam in our nations? We should be joined by moderate Muslims, if there are any. Driving the small Islamofacist cells out of Islamic communities in foreign nations will assure the security of those communities as well.

In the final analysis, because of international pressure, Israel pulled entirely out of Gaza in the summer of 2005. The world expected a peaceful Gaza as a result of no more "occupation." However, Israel knew from experience that peace would not be possible, and Israeli political analysts from the day military troops and Israeli citizens pulled out of the Gaza Strip forecast what we see today: chaos.

So, let the apologies begin. Israel, we beg your forgiveness.

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