Photo: Ron Cantrell

Monday, June 18, 2007

Politically Correct Shaving

Don't forget to shave!

In the wake of the bloody Gaza Hamas takeover, West Bank Hamas members are being attacked on the streets by civilians and arrested by Palestinian Autorities.

How could one spot a Hamas member? A full beard is the dead giveaway. Hamas members have decreed for the sake of their West Bank commrades that the beard is certainly a sign of a pious Muslim but it is not mandatory according to Islamic law. Therefore, to save their lives, shaving facial hair off has been deemed necessary by Hamas spiritual leadership.

Mohammad Abu Tir, second in leadership of Hamas sports a henna dyed bright red beard. He claims that the Prophet Muhammad dyed his beard red. Abu Tir's red face covering is safe. Undoubtedly he will stay where it is out of danger.

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